Sometimes you just wanna share



This is pretty cool (Well the first 2 minutes anyway…)






The immortal Luke Kelly passed on this day in 1984. Here he sings Patrick Kavanagh’s lovely poem. A full blue blood moon and these two masters… rips my heart out, it does.



Neil Young with one of his best covers of Neil Young’s ‘Like a hurricane’


Stanley Gayetzky / Stan Getz (2/2/27 - 6/6/91) …soooo lyrical.


Turn that Sony underdash up to 11, and hit it.


John Prine - A Message from Bill Murray




Karen died 35 years ago today, in the 33rd year of her tragic life.

She didn’t want to cover this Sedaka jewel; I suspect it was painful for her to climb into. But as in many things, Richard made her do it.


She should have left Ticket to Ride alone as well.

She was the drummer with the best singing voice in all of pop and rock.


I was a rock n roll kidlet, and part of my milieus rules were to not like groups like the Carpenters, but that young lady did have a nice set of pipes.


These guys’ll blow the roof right OFFA yer barn.


Happy birthday, Tom Rush (2/8/41)




I just love the Playing for Change project.