Stupid Things Your Friendly Canadians Ask


What’s a “primary” like the one coming up on May 15th?


A Primary is where the GOP cannibalizes itself.


a runoff among the members of each party to send their candidate to the actual election…more or less


So where the party chooses who is going to rep for the party?

And that election is in November of this year?


But seriously we let anyone who wants to, and is qualified (theoretically) run and in a primary the winning candidates from each party move onto the final round, The General.


Yes, these are primaries for the November election.


That’s the best youve got?


Okay okay…

WTF is “American cheese”?


Its like Canadian cheese but with double the hormones.


processed cheese


Like Kraft Singles?


Yeah, like that.


Pasteurized Processed “Cheese Food”



I’m guessing that means it’s what Pasteurized Processed Cheese eats.




Is someone able to explain to me why Sean Hannity having Cohen for a lawyer and not disclosing it is a big fricken deal?


Presents a conflict of interest when he is ranting about the Cohen raid, etc etc. Journalistic Integrity. IOW, to Fox News, it is not a big fricken deal.


Because he railed against the FBI raid on Fux as a “journalist”. There’s a conflict of interest.


But is he considered a journalist? Like his show isn’t really a journalism based show is it?


You know it, I know it, his bosses know it, but his viewers don’t. So from a point of Personal Responsibility it is, but for the intents and purposes of a group who would willing be lied to, it’s just another thing that fits.


Anyone stupid enough to watch meathead won’t care about his lack of integrity.