Today's Funny - Good Taste or Bad




I love it when that happens. Wish it happened more often…LOL


Inshallah, This is racist!


LOL , okay thats funny



coming soon #rustkills #joincarustsuit



Today in Mexican-American humor:

pansa is slang for “gut”, belly or paunch


OMG! I was NOT expecting that hahahahaha


The one on the middle right is looking at his dick and the one behind her wants him to cum on her face. The one in the middle is going to beat him…and not in the good sexy way either.



This was you? Wasn’t it? Lol


Haha this one’s for @Starling










When I was in the dorms, the food service cut from breakfast to lunch at 10:30, so since I wasn’t a breakfast person I’d eat lunch at 10:30 to beat the crowds getting out at 11


Two paramedics arrived at the scene of a car crash. The driver of the car was sitting in his seat, screaming hysterically.

One of the paramedics tried to calm him. “Take deep breaths and pull yourself together. Be thankful that at least you haven’t gone through the windshield like your passenger,” and he pointed at a girl lying unconscious by the side of the road. “She looks in a really bad state.”

Still crying uncontrollably, the driver yelled: “You haven’t seen what’s in her mouth!”