Trends That Need to Die!


It’s back party people!

The hipster lumberjack still wins top spot for me.

And the whole stupid looking beard thing in general…


Stiletto nails

I like fingers I can do stuff with like type and pick things up.


Dyed armpits (gag)


Move over hideous man bun, here comes the man braid!


Glitter Beards (OMG!)


Glitter beards would go good with romphims…


These are all wrong, but these are particularly horrible. She looks like she has two blue vulvas.

That could be a tune “Two blue vulvas, do be, do be, do”


Bobby Vinton’s She Has Blue Vulvas.


I was just looking for that song because that’s what popped in my head as well. hahaha


Avocado Latte



I would so try that!

Just found a restaurant tonight that serves butter chicken poutine.

Gotta try that one, too!


Butter Chicken poutine sounds yummy!

Do Quebecers pronounce it “Poo-tin” or “Poo-teen”?


Well, given the way we Frogs mangle Molière’s tongue, we actually pronounce it “poot’s in.”


In Quebec French, the “t” sound is often pronounced “ts.”

Not sure in what circumstances, exactly, or why. I should check out how this came to pass.


What is poutine?


I think he runs Russia


Poutine is basically cheese and gravy on fries. We use cheese curds (mild tasting hunks of cheese) and if fresh, they squeak in your mouth.

The latest trend has been to add all sorts of other things to the fries like pulled pork or butter chicken.

Anyway, it’s delicious and very Canadian.




That all looks delicious! Just might be in the wrong thread.

Maybe we need a food category, “Food Porn”


Seriously, piss off!