Trends That Need to Die!


I like the eyebrow thingy it looks festive.

I think yur jelly cuz you don’t have any eyebrows so your tree would look skrany lol


It looks tacky!


Yes if they did it all year, but for just a few weeks I could live with it if my other did it to her brows



an artificial covering of hair for the pubic area.


Models are using merkins on the runway this season.

eta…Interestingly prostitutes used them back in the late Medieval ages, they’d shave their pubic hair because of lice. Ick!


Oh God! That’s ridiculous! I saw it on a runway and it was terribad.


All I can think is “why?”




I think it’s hot!!!

It needs braids rofl






It’s a fashion show. Some designers put a lot more into it than others.




Well played sir.


My dad has a pic of signage in his town that said “Hanford Pubic Works”


I received a certificate of recognition in my early years in PH dept. It said it was from the Department of Pubic Health. It was in my days in STD/HIV, so I saw it right away and shouted in laughter. They didn’t like that so much.

I just couldn’t help it.


Why do people have to fuck with their eyebrows all the time?

The latest ridiculousness is the Halo Brow:


Pretty young woman making herself look like a freak.


@Starling, Can you put that on and send it? Just so I know what it looks like on a familiar face??
I’m not sure I don’t like it…

Thanks in advance