Trump addressing the Nation


I wonder if we’ll be informed that we’ve commenced bombing in Syria.

I wondered right.

First, btw!


We’re bombing Syria? So weird just a few minutes ago, I was just taken by this wave of peace and serenity washing over me. I think Ima go hang the flag outside, and then dance in the streets.



Trump and Cohen told a lie
Syrians must die.


WTF is this idiot think he is going to accomplish, are we Putin’s “bad cop” now?


Two things: He’s no Obama you know, he said bombs were coming, so bombs must be dropped. He’s in really deep shit politically. This is a huge distraction.




Didn’t the inspectors just go in? Smells like Iraq.


CNN reported that the Russians weren’t open to investigation of the chemical weapon attack last week. I’m not really sure what that means.


Trump also said, This combined bombing effort with France and the UK will continue until Assad stops using chemicals weapons.


Yes, we could be there for a long while.


Bromo, I’ve heard this is a good series for picking up some rudimentary Syrian-Arabic phrases, if you want to get a leg up.


Saw this on Facebook LOL


I doubt that it will come to boots on the ground, but still I might be a tad nervous if I was in the big green machine.








Well there you have it.


Oh ja, dats a good one.


More bombs…more war…why are we still doing this shit?!