Trump says death to drug dealers


Donald Trump says U.S. should consider death penalty for drug dealers


So we,'re going to start executing Big Pharma and Doctors now?


I’ve been saying this for years and not just for drug dealers.
For rapists that don’t know the fucking word NO @Starling


A personal anecdote, I was in the VA Hospital many moons ago, there was a guy in there that had been crushed under a tank during war games in Korea, his hip and knee were fused {ie surgically fixed so they no longer hinged) He had been on the orthopedic ward for months while the Doctors did their best to get him in some condition where he could be as pain free and as functional as they could. He was addicted to percocet, and the VA had cut him off, and wouldn’t give him anything stronger than Tylenol #3’s Which is a tylenol with a hint of codeine in them, no where near as pain reduction as a Percocet, so this guy was paying about a buck a hit for Percocet’s on the streets, just to maintain a semi tolerable level of comfort, he wasn’t getting high on them or taking them to “Party” he was just in pain and he was addicted. Now who are we going to execture and why in his case?


This is not a universal experience this guy is having. For me the natural opiates such as codeine are many times more effective for pain than any of the pharma synth alternatives. Plus, codeine has the additional benefit of not being worth a shit as a recreational drug.


You’d probably never had most every major bone in your body crushed and undergone a couple dozen surgeries, and then been kicked off the most effective pain meds/treatment going in the 80’s.

The VA would send me home from surgery with a large bottle of tylenol 3, my friends and I would pop a couple when we’d go out beer guzzling, they’d add a nice warm fuzziness to the evenings festivities.


I’ve been on T3 before after surgery, they use to fuck me up.
Now I have gummy bears!!! Yay for gummys


Nope, in the eighties my surgical experience was limited to dental work (lots) and facial surgeries (many.) But even then, T3 and T4 were better for me and much more effective than the often prescribed pharma stuff. I’ve tried it all…the darvons, darvocets, the vicodins and oxys. They just don’t seem to work effectively for me.


You reminded me of a painful impacted wisdom tooth extraction I had, I’d let this thing go tooo long and was at the point where a quick brushing of my teeth would result in pain and green puss leaking out of my mouth, so the Dentist pries it out with much grimacing and swearing under the breath and he prescribed me Darvocet, he warned me to go home and stay home as this was good shit, later that evening I was literally writhing in pain and the darvocet seemed to be doing absolutely nothing for me.


But at least now we are utilizing the rememdies of the ancients, finally.