Trumpy Trump Trump


Have you not seen the map our Potus carries around at all times?

Minor quake about 10 minutes ago
Libs don't care about veterans

His personality grates on my last nerve. He’s the antithesis of what a statesman should be.

I completely understand why he got flipped off. He’s made the office one big sloppy loud obnoxious joke.


I’m starting to think Trump is going to be the next Godwin. Earthquake in California? Trump is a pig. Washington State looks like Deliverance country? Trump is a pig. :wink:


We were discussing Deliverance types. It’s an obvious link.


Nah, Trump is just a narcissistic huckster con man that has a unique skill in generating publicity, if it wasn’t for the “Fake News” he has courted and utilized his entire adult life, we wouldn’t be talking about him right now, we’d be bitching about KIllary, or Ted Cruz. Or Bernie, perhaps.



You know who else inspires Godwin violations, don’t you?



Most people are too proud to admit they are ever wrong.

Yet we all make mistakes. Funny, isn’t it?


Can you narrow it down for me?


My bestie voted for him because she hates Hillary but she’s full of regret now (thank God!)


Hey I am willing to admit I voted for Reagan (Once), I too was caught up in the momentum that he had. And it wasn’t anything against Carter, Reagan was just more charismatic, and for me anyway, as a kid just started the study of Economics, he was espousing some of the economic ideas that were then being pushed by Milton Friedman who was a Rock Star Economist of the day, Friedman even had a special on PBS titled after his best selling book, “Free to Choose”


Jill Abramson from the NY Times wrote an op ed about how Clinton is fundamentally honest. She lays out her parameters and then suports her argument.

But Hillary has 30 years of the GOP and complicit media tearing her down. She’s been accused of all sorts of things that have never been proven.

Oh, but she’s not pure. She’s a politician and that expectation of purity is only expected of liberals and esp females.

Hell, the other party is hemming and hawing about a man that most likely molested a 14 year old girl. So much for purity in politicians.


Here, the party structure is different. You have to tow the party line or the party dumps you. So for example, if the Liberal Party decided Trudeau is doing something out of line with the party, they can dump him as our Prime Minister. Same with all those running or elected.


When we know better, we do better. I don’t think many people truly understood the ramifications of Reagan’s economic policy until after the fact.


Early on in his administration he had a Director of the Office of Management and Budget (IKR? WTF is that?) Who was considered to be the General in charge of Reagan’s morning in America, David Stockman, he was on the talk shows etc, tbh, I couldn’t tell you who Trump’s opr Obama’s or Bush 1 or 2, or Clinton’s director of OMB was, the 80’s were a weird time.


His sowing of distrust in government has been even more destructive. Government is far from perfect and some systems within it are even rotten.

However, the majority of government are fellow Americans. So who was he asking Americans ro hate? Fellow Americans. It’s really just awful if you contemplate the implications.


If being complicit is wanting to, is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact then they’re complicit. At least according to the First Daughter.