Trumpy Trump Trump







Melania was and is a whore. If a “ho” from Las Vegas can see it, why not everyone else. She married him for money.




“Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies black unemployment has just been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded.” I don’t know what policy he’s talking about. He didn’t even get a piece of major legislation passed until December, and black unemployment has been going down in pretty much a straight line since 2010. In other words, the credit for lower black unemployment ironically goes to an unemployed black guy.




Unemployment dropped from Bush’s 13.7 to 7.8 under the Obama administration.

The problem here is that Democrats are super shitty at marketing. Although, I was a bit heartened by Joe Kennedy’s response to the SOTU.

Yeah, I don’t care if he’s another Kennedy. Better than a Trump any day of the week.



I told Obummer not to start all those gall darn wars!


And he increased that racist divide by being President while there are still black people around to hate. Just brought more of it to the surface, that guy.


There was nothing like having a black president to wake up the Neo-Nazi’s, the KKK, other White Supremacists. Nothing.




It’s not really a metaphor if it’s literal.


I love Ben Garrison. By looking at a picture for 20 seconds I save myself an entire day of watching cable nooz.