Trumpy Trump Trump




I need someone to do a comparo meme for Goebbels and Hannity.


I just heard Trump literally say “There are two years between '16 and '20”. He’s speaking extemporaneously in Blue Ash, OH.

This oranguatan is a disgrace.


Does Obama’s visiting 57 states make him a disgrace too? Or should we say this monkey is a disgrace?


At the time that Obama saId that, the loyal Opposition Party reacted as though Obama had just issued a Fatwa against the Constitution.


I’ve heard that argument used before. It’s the same gaffe over and over. I could post 1000 gaffes from Trump if I looked.

Obama just isn’t stupid, Trump is. End of story.





Petty but funny as all hell





I like how every few yards there’s another TRUMP, keeps him from fidgeting and tweeting.


Yeah, that’s what caught my eye too.






Kim Jong-un Taunts Trump with Photo of Hair Withstanding Gale-force Wind

Andy Borowitz



Things that make you go, hmmm…



This last year, I feel like we all were transported back to 1955, and it seems like it really sucked back then.