Trumpy Trump Trump






The Trumptards on FB are busy shrieking about Cruz not being a “White Name” What a bunch of morans.


The ignorance of these type of people is amazing. I think they equate Caucasian with Anglo or Germanic type people.










That made me laff, but of course I haven’t been awake that long either and it tickled me.


I just read some tweets from Trump. HOLY SHIT! What a gaslighter!

You guys are seriously fucked with a “leader” like that.


Wait, you just thought we all had TDS with no cause?



Of course not but I find it SHOCKING to read this guy.

Your country deserves better.
The Republican party deserves better.
The world deserves better too.

Fuck him.

I wanted Romney.


I would take Romney in a heartbeat over Trump. He’s sort of silly, but I don’t think he’s near as embarrassing as Trump


It is shocking, it’s like getting gut punched everyday when you’re an American that cares about their country.


Well, if the Russians want to prove that “Western democracy” isn’t better and basically “they’re no better than us”, it was a great strategy.




Do you think he knows he looks like Abraham Lincoln


I think he just might know.