Trumpy Trump Trump


Is that what Trump has?
Both of my great nephews had that and lost all their hair, as a result his mom can’t get them to get a hair cut now.


All it means is baldness.

Your great nephews suffer from baldness? How old are they?


“Alopecia areata affects both genders. It is an autoimmune disorder, in which the immune system attacks hair follicles, is believed to cause alopecia areata”

Both of them had it. 8 and 6


Wow, poor kids.

Did they recover?


Beautiful full head of hair like their great uncle.

They got teased so bad they refuse to get haircuts now. They both look like little girls haha


Poor little guys.







The archetypal Trump couple.


I was just thinking to myself I should thank Trump, I didn’t know much about the law and the Trump administration but ever since he’s been elected and everyone associated with him are breaking the law I get an education, for free lol








… and who retains it even now.


He’s gonna save them from the darkies.


I don’t get it. What in the fuck is going on?!?

Bill Clinton got caught fucking around with Monica Lewinsky and shoving a cigar in her snatch, But this pig Trump gets a pass???

Can someone explain this??