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I never thought I’d live to see a day when a porn star was suing the President of the US.



So was this a big deal because Lewinsky worked in the white house???


Pretty much. And he lied under oath about this dalliance with Lewinsky.

He perturbed himself.


Trump’s wife knows he cheated and she’s still with him… by his side… like it’s just another day.


Making adultery great again.


The GOP under Newt Gingrich hated Clinton and had been badgering him nonstop for several years over a load of trumped up charges, “Whitewater” etc just as they’ve done to HIllary over the last few years (Emails, Benghazi, “Crooked HIllary” etc) But back to Bill, this resulted in the exhaustive “Star Commission” A special Prosecuter like the Current Mueller Investigation. After months and months of digging and combing through every inch of Bill’s life, aha gotcha, they boxed him into a corner and got him to lie about a consensual sex act (however out of line and innapproriate that sex act may have been) Ken Starr (of that Commission) recently called Bill a decent and honorable man.


Thanks @Howard_Beale


In other words…same shit, different day/term.


Pretty much, since Nixon, the GOP has used the model of attack politics.


I’m pretty sure both sides use that model…LOL


Wut does?


If Obama had had a porn star in his closet, you know damn well the GOP would have impeached him by now.

Not remotely close to the same universe.


I don’t know where that is coming from. No specifics were being talked about. I said both sides have always used attack model campaigns. It is the way the game of politics is played. Always has been. Howard said since Nixon and I don’t disagree, ok maybe I do since it has always been that way, but Democrats have done the same thing. No party is innocent when it comes to that.


It’s not the same on both sides. I’m sorry you don’t see it.

When a Congressman stood up during a SOTU address and yelled at the President in the middle of his speech, which party did he belong to?


Splitting hair are we?

It’s not just campaigns. Clinton wasn’t impeached because of a campaign, sir. This part of the thread started with a discussion of Trump’s bs being ok vs Clilnton’s not being okay. It was Keep that noticed that bs.






Very sad.