Trumpy Trump Trump



Just like he did when he “bombed” that suddenly empty airstrip. It is not surprising that TRUMP doesn’t hold to what he said the day earlier, and it is equally unsurprising that Congress will not check and balance this maniac.


Like I posted a few months ago, I’m worried for you Americans, That orange prick is going to start a war, chemical or otherwise.

@Borommakot ,Sight in that AR15 pal.


Trump is going to try to start a war because he is politically vulnerable. He’s not the first and won’t be the last.

Reagan, arguably, got into Grenada to deflect from the clusterfuck in Beirut.


Word on the street is the Marines knew they were sitting duck targets(LIke duh!), and had requested permission to have better defensive systems in place, and were denied, because someone (If you guessed Raygun, you are correct) didn’t think a strong defense was a deterence, or important for our Marines, or something.









When Obama wore that Tan Suit, I thought it was the end times. I swear to god I did.


Michelle and those shorts! I required smelling salts.

And those hussies with their short skirts!


You don’t know how bonds work - do you?


Bro, do you even supply and demand curve?


Eww icky!







I’m here to kick ass and give out mulligans, and I’m all out of mulligans