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PS - I LOVE the gif thread!


Art board? Not teh funnie?


I think it’s a funny.


Haw haw!


Shouldn’t it be “WHOM” do I have to fukk?


Don’t start the “who”, “whom”, thing…nobody knows how to use it properly regardless of what they might think…It’s an ever shifting mystery.


Really, Meghan? I just go with “who” is nominative and 'whom" is objective. Works every time, so far.


Well aren’t you special…:roll_eyes:

To be honest you are about 1 out of maybe every 1000 people “who” has a clue.


I actually do know but I protest the use of whom because it sounds stupid.


For those who don’t know “nominative” from “shinola”, try this:

If the unknown person is the subject of the sentence, it’s “who” as in “who swallowed”

Otherwise use “whom” as in “whom do I have to fvck” or “To whom do I have to give this sex toy” (or alternatively and not-as-correctly “Whom do I have to give this sex toy to, dude?” wherein ‘dude’ keeps me from ending the sentence with the preposition)



Okay, nice well thought out and concise explanation.

Now that brings me to my next issue…Do not ever use a “V” in place of a “U” when spelling the word…“FUCK”.

It is a total breech of written four letter word etiquette. If you are uncomfortable using colorful vernacular then avoid the word “FUCK” entirely. It is a sacred word and should never be tampered with.

The only time it is exceptable to misspell the F-bomb is when circumventing one of those ridiculous namby-pamby word filters you sometimes come across on sites set up by prissy, faint of heart, overly sensitive types.




Thats Hot!!


Sure girls can spank each other in public, but I do it and I get sent to HR all the time.


I was using the Latin usage.


Uck Fay Ou Yay.