Ye Olde Gif Shoppe

#123 great site meme’s gif’s (a section to make a meme or a gif) pics etc, a community vibe with comments etc, some very cool stuff, nothing too aggressively trollish, mostly just fun stuff. you don’t need to register to browse, but if you do, it stores your faves for you if you’d like to refer to them later and it let’s you comment and so on,



Wasn’t she as cute as a button?!


When you paint a house on a house, when you’re house wearing a house.




This is exactly how I am awakened each morning, except in my case it’s an Austrailian Cattle Doggo.




I’m sure this will make the guys laugh, maybe the girls too?



Fluid art


Reminds me of the “Psychedelic” art often used at Rock Concerts in the 60’s like yer Dead etc, they’d do it with mineral oil and food coloring on an overhead projector.





i love leggins on a skinny ass.




I don’t know why this reminds me of @Starling when she was younger. Lol


Younger? I did that two years back to a guy who touched my face with a dildo. Haha


Didya slap him with the dildo for good measure?


I did. There’s pics to prove it too. Haha


Good girl!